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Hey everyone! We’ve only been live and online for about a week now, but we’re already making friends in the bridal industry as a standalone, self-help resources for couples that want to make the most of their iPod wedding.

We’ve been tweeting and finding all sorts of neat vendors that have taken a similar path or philosophy as we have, and we wanted to take a moment to spotlight a resource that you might get some value from. We haven’t worked with them yet, but we’re definitely going to be sending couples their way on all their uplighting and chair-cover needs, because it’s hard to find rental vendors that can serve a national market the way they do.

Rent My Wedding

Rent My Wedding

Their website is, and they’re a rental company that specializes in rental lighting, chair covers, gobos, and more. They don’t rent out sound systems from what I can tell, but our guide does cover how to set up uplights, so their uplighting rentals and other lighting rentals dovetail perfectly into our DIYReception guide.

Marie’s story is pretty neat; she was a bride looking to do things herself, and ended up purchasing the items that she used in her wedding and then renting them out to other couples long after her wedding was over. There’s been a lot written about the idea of sharing items from wedding to wedding, from couple to couple, but this is the first we’ve heard of a genuine rental business built on the back of the need to do something yourself. So we tip our hat to her!

A lot of brides and grooms are intimidated by the idea of renting items they’ve never used before and using them on such a critical day as their wedding day. But in our experience, and I’m sure Marie’s, these items are never as hard to figure out as you think they will be. Whether it’s a sound system or an uplight that you’re renting, these items were made to be operated and used, and if run into roadblocks with either, your rental vendor is there to answer your questions should they arise.

One other cool thing about, as a side bar, is that their rental period was thought up with the bride and groom in mind – shipping is included, and it’s a five-day rental period. So unlike the tuxes, you’ve got a few days to let the dust settle before you worry about packing them up and shipping them back. Sounds very convenient.

Anyway, we just wanted to drop our readers a quick note to let them know that something like this exists, and for a heck of a lot cheaper than they might have thought. When our DJ company bought its uplights, we spent about $100 each, for a total spend of about $1200 because we bought 12 of them. Most DJ companies charge $300-$400 for the usage of their uplights, which puts this service, if you needed 12 of them, at around half the price of the pro-setup option if you’re operating on a budget.

Have a great weekend all, and stay tuned for more tips on how to make your DIY-Reception effortlessly upscale and memorable, without spending more than you have to.

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