Take Mental Pictures of Your Wedding Day

1909965_1166274208152_7375268_nIt was my wedding day – October 25th of 2008 – and someone gave me a piece of advice that I wanted to pass along to any future bride or groom that might be reading our blog. It served me well on that day, and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the music, the DJing, the entertainment – but it’s critical and supremely important for you to remember and act upon.

Our photographer, who was a friend of mine, said that he really wanted me to focus on taking mental snapshots of the big day. Just to stop every hour or so and really do my best to take in what was happening, and attempt to ‘freeze time’ in that moment and record in my mind that exact moment. I didn’t think much of it when he was telling me, but an hour later, I was standing on the altar, and I’m glad that I made a point to take these mental pictures.

Mark my words, it’ll be a year or two after your wedding, and you’ll be looking at all the amazing pictures, the guests, the party, all of it. You won’t remember the moments that you’re posing; it’s very strange to look at a picture of yourself and not recall what led to you being in the photo, but sure enough, you’re in it. You’ll look wonderful, but you won’t remember the photo being taken.

All in all, I have 6 main mental memories of my wedding day, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I took a moment to really freeze in my mind what was happening, and I even blinked my eyes a little harder, like I was taking a real picture. It sounds really dumb, but please, please, *please* remember to take these mental freeze frames; stopping to smell the roses, so to speak, will help keep the blur moving a little slower.

And believe you me – the big day will be a blur!

This is one of the few moments that I have a ‘mental memory’ of. I was definitely focusing on ‘remembering’ and ‘freezing’ time for this instant. I was looking out at the faces of 150 people that we loved and were happy to see!

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