Some Last Dance Songs to Consider for your Reception

We DJ about 30 weddings or more per year, which works out to a pretty busy schedule for a part time DJ company. One question that we get quite a bit from our couples is

“What works well for a last song?”

Some couples already have a song in mind that they’d like for a final song, but many people have no idea what they’d like to close down their reception. If you’re DJing your own wedding, you may not know where to start with this kind of thing, but I’d like to share with you our favorite three songs to play, unless the crowd is giving us a different feel/vibe at a particular reception.

A quick note here on what kinds of songs work well. Last dance songs, at least the ones that we like to play and would think work well for your wedding, are usually:

  1. Slower songs, or down-tempo songs. Should be pretty close to a slow dance, or something slow enough that people can sway/move to in a calmer way than the dance party that may have preceded it.
  2. Very popular songs. Should be a song that just about everyone knows, and could sing along to at least the major portions of it.
  3. Feel-good songs. Should be a tune that makes everyone feel happy to be there. I’d stay away from songs that have melancholy overtones, or tracks that leave a bittersweet feeling as people are filtering out at the end of the night.

Let’s get to some of our suggestions!


Marvin Gaye – “Let’s Get It On”

This track is iconic. If you’re dealing with a crowd that is younger, funny, and somewhat hip, I strongly suggest considering this song as a track to close down the night. It never fails to make an epic slow dance take place, and the dance floor just gets slammed with a slow-groove dance that people sing along to. It’s a bit of a longer song, so make sure that you keep in mind that it’s a full five minutes. We love this song!

Rusted Root – “Send Me On My Way”

This is on the upper end of a tempo that we’d recommend for the final dance – it’s definitely a wide-open, sing along song that gets people swaying on the dance floor the second that they hear it. It’s a feel-good, happy song that people really like, and if the couple lived through the 90’s, they’ll definitely have a lot of strong feelings tied to this one. We tend to lean on this song if we’ve been playing 90’s throwback songs near the end of the night – it’s a way of staying in that sweet spot but closing on a song from the same time period. Highly recommended.


 Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

This was from a movie, if memory serves, it was ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’. Somewhere during the late 90’s, it became one of those anthemic songs that everyone knew to sing along with, and we tend to either bust this one out during the winddown of the evening, or as the last song. What’s nice about it is that it starts off as a slower song that people can slow-dance to, and then as the song picks up into the chorus, it turns into a sing-along that usually features every guy screaming ‘I LOVE YOU BABY…’ to their significant other out on the dance floor. It’s one of our favorite things to see during the receptions that we get to be a part of.


Well, that about wraps up our favorite three songs to close the evening to. This might be different than what you’ve seen other DJ’s do, but we try to remain authentic to the couple. I’d say that play a pretty diverse set of songs as the final dance, but if we were asked which songs we play the most often, these would be the three, and they’re near and dear to our heart.

If you have to DJ your own wedding, these and other songs that we recommend in our guide will help bring clarity to the song-selection process, and we’ve tried to make our guide as easy to follow as possible. We’re definitely not the only source of information on this topic, but we’re pretty sure that we’re the most available, the most authoritative on the topic, and the most experienced in helping couples in this way.

As always, feel free to subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about what kinds of songs professional DJ’s like us use as main-songs for events like the father-daughter dance, the cake cutting, and more. There are a ton of playlists out there online but I shudder and cringe sometimes when I see other playlists – the things that other Pro-DJ’s play sometimes just makes me uncomfortable on behalf of the people that have to hear them. Anyways, have a great weekend!

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