An iPod Wedding, But Better

Over the past five years, we’ve seen a LOT of fun receptions. Receptions that we’ll never forget – parties where the crowd was having such a good time that WE wanted to get out onto the dance floor and join them. Parties where we drove home knowing that we’d done an incredible job, and that no one else in the world could have delivered that kind of service, in that exact way. We still talk to couples that we work with and they STILL talk about what a great time they had, and how people still come up to them and mention how awesome their wedding was.

We’ve been doing this a long time, but sometimes couples can’t afford the kind of DJ they want. Up until now, that meant them Googling or looking on Spotify for playlists that someone cobbled together… asking their friends to borrow a big stereo system. Plugging in their iPod on the big day and hitting ‘shuffle.’

Now, if you do end up Googling ‘iPod wedding’, you’re going to find two things:

  1. Videos of iPod weddings gone horribly wrong.
  2. Professional DJ’s trying to convince you that they’re worth it.

Listen, we can’t convince you that a professional DJ is worth the money. If money is tight, we understand. But we feel so strongly about the part music plays in a reception and ceremony that we wanted to put our proven music selections, judgement, wisdom, experience, and planning resources to work for you.

Starting today, we’re offering a $49.99 download – a complete planning resources that walks you through the entire reception from start to finish – music, agenda, announcements, equipment rental/setup, and more. It’s all yours, and we’re sure that it’ll make more than a fifty-dollar-difference in your reception.

So head on over to our download page and learn more about what’s included. We’re just getting started in helping couples on a budget get a better experience on their big day. We hope to get the chance to work with you soon!

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