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This site is all about helping couples plan their own receptions on their own terms – on their own budget! If that means foregoing a professional DJ, that doesn’t mean that the reception is going to be dull. Far from it.

If you enjoyed the brainstorming and the progress that you made with the free lists we sent you, you might be a prime candidate for our master iPod Wedding Reception Guide, written specifically for couples who want awesome music but might not be able to afford a full on pro. It’s written BY 3-time award-winning professional wedding DJ’s that want to help you get some awesome music to your wedding, even if you’re not able to afford us.

This step-by-step planning guide covers topics like planning the reception from start to finish, building the cast of characters, traditions that you might (or might not want to do), all the way to renting and setting up a sound system. Plus, it’s chocked full of dozens of playlists that you’re sure to love and draw even more inspiration from.

Head on over to our download pages to learn more about what’s included with our guide.