For $7.99, you get a step-by-step, easy to follow guide that includes:


Planning Support

  • Timeline worksheets that help you plan out every detail of your reception so it runs smoothly!
  • Instructions on how to collect music using modern music applications like Spotify, Soundhound, and Shazam.
  • Worksheets that help you organize the Bridal Party intro introduced pairs, etc.
  • Instructions and tips on selecting the MC, if applicable.

Technical Support

  • Fully illustrated, step-by-step guide on how to rent and set up a sound system.
  • Fully illustrated, step-by-step guide on how to rent and set up uplights (with color mixing cookbook!)
  • Instructions on how to use the included playlists to build your own custom lists!
  • Detailed instructions on how to use Spotify to make your reception nearly foolproof and hands-free.

Song Suggestions and Playlists

  • Worksheets and 15+ song suggestions for each of the following key songs:
    • Bridal Party Introductions
    • Bride and Groom Introductions
    • First Dance
    • Father / Daughter Dance
    • Mother / Son Dance
    • Cake Cutting
    • Bouquet Toss
    • Garter Removal / Toss
    • Final Dance
  • Ceremony and PreCeremony Music (String Collections)
    • Pop Hits from 2014
    • Pop Hits from 2013
    • Modern Wedding Music
    • Indie Wedding Collection
  • Cocktail Hour
    • Rat Pack Cocktail Hour
    • Modern Love Cocktail Hour
    • Modern Indie Cocktail Hour
    • Timeless, Universal Cocktail Hour
    • Old Country Cocktail Hour
    • Contemporary Country Cocktail Hour
  • Dinner Hour
    • Modern Romantic Dinner Hour
    • Modern Indie Dinner Hour
    • Quirky Dinner Hour
    • Contemporary Country Dinner Hour
  • Dancing
    • Universal / Timeless All Ages
    • Motown Dance Songs
    • 70′s Dance Songs / Disco
    • 80′s Dance Songs
    • 90′s Dance Songs
    • 2000′s Dance Songs
    • Modern Dance Songs
    • Anthemic Sing-Along Songs
    • Slow Songs
    • Ironic Songs People Hate to Love

Each one of these lists is also stored electronically in Spotify, so that once you’re a member, you can just click on a song, or on entire list to ‘subscribe’. All these lists and songs are a few clicks away from being played on your computer. No building lists from scratch if you don’t want to.

Additionally, at this level, you’re entitled to email us directly and ask us questions about specifics to your reception. We’re happy to give you feedback, advice, and answer any questions you might have over email.

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