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Song Roundup: #1

We’re starting a tradition here at DIYReception – each Tuesday, we’ll be publishing a song that we’ve run across that we think particularly well for each major area of your reception. Sometimes couples have a hard time getting started with their playlisting, and while we’ve taken out all the guesswork by publishing the ultimate guide to doing your iPod wedding, sometimes couples want to do more than just ‘subscribe’ to a list, and we … Read the rest

The Real Savings of an iPod Wedding

Spend any time Googling the phrase ‘iPod Wedding’, and you’re bound to find a lot of articles outlining in general terms the steps and considerations you’ll need to make in order to supply your own music for the reception.

One thing that couples spend a lot of time thinking about is ways to squeeze every last dollar of savings from their wedding, and that’s one reason why we started this little project. At many times, … Read the rest

Vendor Spotlight –

Hey everyone! We’ve only been live and online for about a week now, but we’re already making friends in the bridal industry as a standalone, self-help resources for couples that want to make the most of their iPod wedding.

We’ve been tweeting and finding all sorts of neat vendors that have taken a similar path or philosophy as we have, and we wanted to take a moment to spotlight a resource that you might get … Read the rest

Indifferent About Wedding Songs? That’s Okay.

We’ve worked with so many couples over the years that we feel like we’ve seen it all. It’s not just that we’ve worked with couples that like different styles of music; the brides and grooms that we’ve had the honor of DJing for have different levels of hands-on/hands-off style, in terms of the music they want, and this is an important thing to discuss here at DIY reception because one thing couples don’t understand right … Read the rest

An iPod Wedding, But Better

Over the past five years, we’ve seen a LOT of fun receptions. Receptions that we’ll never forget – parties where the crowd was having such a good time that WE wanted to get out onto the dance floor and join them. Parties where we drove home knowing that we’d done an incredible job, and that no one else in the world could have delivered that kind of service, in that exact way. We still talk … Read the rest