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Vendor Spotlight – Big Deal Entertainment – Arizona Sound Rental

Image 3If you’ve done any research on sound rental companies for your big day, you’ve probably found a lot of sketchy looking websites an are left with either more information than you need or with more questions than you had when you started. In preparing our massive blog post where we give you places all over the nation to rent a sound system for your wedding, we’ve truly found a gem here, and they’re called ‘Big … Read the rest

Take Mental Pictures of Your Wedding Day

1909965_1166274208152_7375268_nIt was my wedding day – October 25th of 2008 – and someone gave me a piece of advice that I wanted to pass along to any future bride or groom that might be reading our blog. It served me well on that day, and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the music, the DJing, the entertainment – but it’s critical and supremely important for you to remember and act upon.

Our photographer, who … Read the rest

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Sound System Rental Company

If you’re planning on renting the sound system for your wedding – that’s great! It’s an awesome way to take charge of your reception, while saving money over a more traditional entertainment strategy.

However, before you sign the rental agreement, we have a list of questions here that we think you should consider. These are questions that *we* ask when we need to rent an extra system, or know to make sure are taken into … Read the rest

What Size Sound System Do I Need For My Wedding?

When we were starting our DJ company, we spent a lot of time trying to think about what kind of system would prepare us to be ready for just about any situation. After 5 years, dozens and dozens of weddings, it hasn’t missed a beat *knock on wood*, and we’ve been very lucky with the components that we chose. We get a lot of questions from couples that we help about what kind of sound Read the rest

Bucking Traditions, a DIY Reception Wedding Report

I attended my cousin’s wedding on the 4th of July in upstate New York. It was a beautiful wedding with lots of little touches that were unique and impressive. Since I’m always the DJ at weddings (about 25/year), it was nice to experience this as a guest. Here are some items I’d like to discuss that really stood out to me:

Ceremony: I was actually an usher for the ceremony, which was new to … Read the rest

9 Songs That Will Pack a Wedding Dance Floor With Ladies

One thing that we’ve noticed after doing hundreds of weddings is that ladies are often the first to the dance floor, and the last ones off. They know how to bring a party, but sometimes they have a hard tiem getting their significant others up on the dance floor. In those situations, where the dance floor is jam packed with women, we like to say thanks by playing a few of these songs – sometimes … Read the rest

Wedding reception sing-along songs #1

One of the types of music that we love playing at wedding receptions near the end of the night are the songs that people sing along to at the top of their lungs – the sing-along songs! Generally, people have had a few drinks, and hearing songs that are a little more downtempo, but totally singable, helps bring the crowd together and leave people with a hugely positive vibe.

There are a handful of songs … Read the rest

Some Last Dance Songs to Consider for your Reception

We DJ about 30 weddings or more per year, which works out to a pretty busy schedule for a part time DJ company. One question that we get quite a bit from our couples is

“What works well for a last song?”

Some couples already have a song in mind that they’d like for a final song, but many people have no idea what they’d like to close down their reception. If you’re DJing your … Read the rest

CrowdSource Your Wedding Photos – Ask Your Guests to Use a Hashtag!

This doesn’t have anything to do with music, DJing your own wedding, or trying to make your iPod wedding as awesome as it can be; it’s a post about something that we’re seeing more and more often at the weddings we work. Couples are increasingly adopting a hashtag (#) for their ceremony and reception, and asking couples with smartphones to post photos to Instagram and Twitter using these hastags.

“How does it work?”

unnamedIt’s pretty … Read the rest

Buying Your Own Wedding Sound System

Sometimes renting a wedding sound system isn’t an option. Maybe you live in a remote area or you’ve picked a wedding date where there aren’t any available systems at your local sound system vendors. In this case, we wanted to show you what we’d generally recommend from an equipment standpoint. You could purchase these items and sell them on Amazon or Craigslist after the wedding as ‘Like New’ for anywhere between 50% and 75% of … Read the rest