CrowdSource Your Wedding Photos – Ask Your Guests to Use a Hashtag!

This doesn’t have anything to do with music, DJing your own wedding, or trying to make your iPod wedding as awesome as it can be; it’s a post about something that we’re seeing more and more often at the weddings we work. Couples are increasingly adopting a hashtag (#) for their ceremony and reception, and asking couples with smartphones to post photos to Instagram and Twitter using these hastags.

“How does it work?”

unnamedIt’s pretty straightforward; you’ve probably seen hastags in common culture at this point – Instagram and Twitter members would just post their pictures with whatever hashtag the couple tell them to use. That way, after the wedding (or even during the wedding) people can search for that hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and immediately see all the other photos that have been posted online using that hastag. It’s almost like a realtime photo album that grows throughout the evening, and it’s one of the coolest and newest ways to get immediate access to the pictures your guests are taking.

“How do I create a hashtag?””

To keep things simple, we’d recommend using the married last name of the couple, and the year. Something like ‘#smithwedding2014’, or ‘#smiths2014’, or ‘#smithnewlyweds2014’. Try searching for that hashtag on Instagram and Twitter first to make sure no one has used it yet, or you could be accidentally contributing photos to someone else’s hashtag album! Once you’ve picked the hashtag, just create a physical sign, or make an announcement, or have it on your tables that anyone with a smartphone should hashtag their photos with the one you’ve picked – That’s all there is to it!

We don’t think that this would totally replace a professional photographer, but it sure is a neat way to see and remember your big day before you get your professional proofs back.

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