Song Roundup: #1

We’re starting a tradition here at DIYReception – each Tuesday, we’ll be publishing a song that we’ve run across that we think particularly well for each major area of your reception. Sometimes couples have a hard time getting started with their playlisting, and while we’ve taken out all the guesswork by publishing the ultimate guide to doing your iPod wedding, sometimes couples want to do more than just ‘subscribe’ to a list, and we understand that. It can be challenging, but a good challenge – when DJing your own wedding.

So starting today, we’ll be recommending a song for Cocktail, Dinner, Dancing, and Slow-Dancing that we think would be great for you to check out, along with some reasons why they’re on our short list for being awesome songs. If you like this kind of playlisting support, you can find full playlists in our DIY Reception Guide, which has more than 25 playlists, covering genres all the way from oldies to country, from pop to indie! Some of these songs are new, some are old. They’re just songs to check out to help get your music-brain firing on all cylinders!


Cocktail Hour: “Cool Kids” – Echosmith

This is the kind of song that has kind of a haunting feel to it while still being major key. Almost an MGMT feel, but leaves an upbeat impression that works great for ambient background music – which is basically all cocktail hour is. It’s a little more complex in its emotion/feeling than you’d want, say, for dinner – but perfect for something to help set a good mood for Cocktail Hour.

Dinner Hour: “Brand New Day” – Kodaline

For dinner, try to keep it more upbeat. Your goal is to play songs that slip into the background but still have a positive feel to them. Don’t fall into the trap of playing too many songs in a row that don’t have a ‘pulse’; we’ve been to weddings as guests that had a number of slower, quieter songs back-to-back, and between those and the food, we nearly fell asleep. Kodaline’s catalog is worth checking out if you’re into indie-pop with a positive message.

Dancing: “Apache” – The Sugarhill Gang

This is one song that most people seem to forget about, but it never fails to get the dance floor moving. This is one song that we ALWAYS play at EVERY reception unless we’re specifically told not to. It’s the kind of song that doesn’t really every get requested, but people go crazy when they hear the clapping and realize what’s happening. Don’t forget to play this song, I’m being serious. This is the kind of track that has no enemies.

Slow Dancing: “All of Me” – John Legend

A few years back, John Legend was a pretty well-kept secret of the R&B community. Every now and again, a couple would ask for him during Cocktail Hour or Dinner, but with this breakout hit he’s got, this summer is the perfect time to have it played as a key slow dance during the reception. Incredible message, incredible instrumentation, a must-listen!

That wraps up our very first Song Roundup. Keep your eyes and ears peeled in weeks to come for more updates, information, and feel free to subscribe below to our email list – you’ll get some of our top-ten lists for free, as well as access to information that we don’t always post here. Have a great day!

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